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Another Reason to Utilize Solar Pool Heaters – Safety

The many benefits of using a solar pool heater include using renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint and air pollution, saving money on utility bills.  Another important reason to switch from a gas pool heater to a solar pool heater  or solar pool heating system is safety.  Natural gas and propane are combustible and can […]


Green Roofs – Mandatory?

Green Roofs – Mandatory? Leon Levine, MS, CIH, LEED AP leon@ecothinkgroup.com Introduction The French Parliament recently approved a law mandating the rooftops on all new buildings in commercial areas be partly covered by green roofs or solar panels. The law will alter the urban landscape of cities across France and potentially encourage other countries to […]


New Safety Regulations Issued for Nail Salons in New York State

Following reports of widespread hazardous work conditions and low wages in New York nail salons, Governor Cuomo convened a multi-agency Task Force comprising of representatives from the Department of Labor, Department of State, and Department of Health to develop and implement immediate reforms. These reforms include new legislation and emergency regulations, administrative changes, and an outreach […]


How to Always Be Prepared for an OSHA Inspection

How to Always Be Prepared for an OSHA Inspection OSHA Inspections OSHA conducts inspections to enforce OSHA’s health and safety regulations for the purpose of keeping employees safe. Inspections can be triggered by an employee complaint, a referral from another agency, a fatality or serious accident or by a planned inspection. Most inspections are triggered […]


Toxic Exposures in the Nail Salon Industry

Toxic Exposures in the Nail Salon Industry On May 8th 2015, the New York Times published an expose article titled Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers spotlighting the health problems experienced by nail salon workers exposed to toxic chemicals from various nail products. Cases of miscarriages and effects on fetal development are presented of nail technicians handling […]


New Labeling Requirements – OSHA

New Labeling Requirements – OSHA The revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) provides more structured requirements for the labeling of chemicals. The revised standard requires that information about chemical hazards be communicated on labels using quick visual notations to alert the worker, providing immediate recognition of the hazards. Labels must also inform workers on the proper […]


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